How to remove body fat? 2 ingredients recipe for removing excess body fat

How to remove body fat
How to remove body fat

The whole world went crazy about this 2 ingredients recipe for removing excess body fat.

Having that excess body fat is one of the biggest problems nowadays.

It is no wonder that is global issue especially with the lifestyle that we live today. Various health issues can such as cardiovascular issues, depression, high cholesterol, high blood pressure can be caused by obesity.

As we already mentioned above, lack of physical activity and poor diet are the reasons for increased fat in the blood (disease of today).

Deposits of fat colored yellow can be often observed among elevated fat.

Thickening of the artery walls is coming with the progression of the disease, contributing to many risk factors (nicotine, alcohol, smoking), which often lead to cardiovascular diseases.

How to remove body fat? 2 ingredients recipe for removing excess body fat

Recipe Ingredients:

  • 200 ml of

    Apple cider vinegar + fig
    Apple cider vinegar + fig
  • 3 dried figs.

How to prepare the fig-apple cider weight-loss mix:

Take 3 dried figs, make many small holes with a chopstick, and then put them into a glass jar where you have poured the ACV. Let them stay overnight and in the morning eat the figs.

Do not throw away the excess ACV, but use it to place another 3 figs for the following day. Prepare it in the same way as before.

Make the cure during the night and drink it the following morning.

This will be enough for 7 days. On the 8 th day, take new 200 ml of ACV and repeat the procedure for one more week. He procedure should last for 2 weeks.

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Source: Healthadvisorgroup