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Magic ganoderma mushroom! Kim Kardashian loves to..

THE magic ganoderma mushroom can boost immunity, manage stress, lower cholesterol, and even has anti-ageing benefits – which is why celebrities including Kim Kardashian are turning to this “new superfood”.

Kim smears fungus on her face to keep her skin looking smooth
Kim Kardashian Fragrance Launch at Macy’s Glendale Galleria, Glendale, CA


BEAUTY: Kim smears fungus on her face to keep her skin looking smooth [GETTY ]

Mushrooms are easy to overlook in the so-called rainbow diet we are advised to eat, but the nutritional benefits are extremely high.

In fact, research increasingly reveals why mushrooms have now joined the ranks of so-called superfoods such as blueberries and broccoli.

The tiny powerhouses have been proven to boost immunity, manage stress levels, lower cholesterol and even have anti-ageing benefits.

One celeb who has clocked on to their revitalising qualities is brunette beauty Kim Kardashian.

The reality TV star has been smearing on anti-ageing Japanese red reishi Magic ganoderma mushroom to keep her skin looking taut, smooth and glowing.

And the 33-year-old says she “loves using Japanese mushroom facial peels reishi mushrooms for making her skin more elastic”.


For thousands of years Reishi (Ganoderma) has been considered by the Chinese to be a high quality herbal medicine. The so-called ‘A-one Medicine’ is the best medicine which does not have any side effects, even after using it for a long time. It can improve one’s constitution, increase the body’s healing ability to help maintain a healthy body, and have a long life.

From London to Vancouver, Tokyo to New York, millions of health conscious consumers are discovering the benefits of the Reishi mushroom.

These magic mushroom supplements, which help with numerous ailments, can be taken once a day in capsule form.

So what is red reishi?

Red reishi is the oldest herbal mushroom used in the Far East for over 2,000 years.

Once it was reserved only for emperors and royalty. Wild Ganoderma is very rare and is difficult to collect. Even if someone finds it by chance, its effects are always lost because of aging. It becomes hard like leather. They may also be toxic. Since they are haphazardly collected, quality control is impossible. The cultivation of this extremely rare mushroom is now under strict quality control – preparing it in an extremely effective way for consumers eager to improve their health and increase their life expectancy.


What are the health benefits of red reishi?

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The traditional uses of red reishi include fighting hepatitis, inflammation of the kidneys,hypertension, arthritis, fatigue, insomnia, bronchitis and asthma.

It is understood that these mighty mushrooms can help with the following:

• Supporting the immune system

• Balancing energy levels

• Reducing stress

• Supporting cardiovascular health

• Supporting liver health

• Providing anti-oxidants

• Providing anti-aging properties

In 2012, The British Journal of Medicine reported a clinical study where participants with slightly elevated blood pressure and cholesterol took red reishi daily for three months. The results showed positive effects on their insulin and cholesterol levels. magic ganoderma mushroom 


If you think like: “Who has time to be taking tablets or boiling up mushrooms?” You can get all of the benefits from the Reshi Mushroom (Ganoderma Lucidum) by drinking tea, coffee and hot chocolate! Our tea, coffee and hot chocolate have the benefit of having high quality 100% organic Ganoderma Lucidum.

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Enjoy a natural detox method – Have An Epsom Salt Bath Today! Why?

Why have a natural detox Epsom Salt Bath at home?

Epsom salts bath
Epsom salts bath

Have An Epsom Salt Bath Today! Why?

What are the Symptoms of magnesium deficiency?

If you suffer from muscle spasms, tics, cramps, weakness, impaired muscle coordination, difficulty swallowing or tremors you may also be lacking in magnesium. Cardiovascular symptoms of magnesium deficiency include coronary spasms or irregular or rapid heartbeat.

The National Academy of Sciences tells us that magnesium deficiency plays a role in rising rates of stroke, heart disease, arthritis, joint pain, chronic fatigue and digestive problems. Magnesium deficiency may also play a role in insomnia, Parkinson’s, depression, asthma, migraines, and diabetes. You may suffer from neurological problems such as lethargy, seizures, impaired memory, irritability, and anxiety. Symptoms may also be metabolic in nature including potassium deficiency, calcium deficiency or hyperglycemia.

Unfortunately, magnesium deficiency is often overlooked and many people suffer needlessly. Perhaps you are one of them? The reality is, most people are deficient in magnesium.

Magnesium is the second most abundant element in human cells

You may be familiar with the importance of calcium but not know a whole lot about this fourth most important positively charged ion in the body.

Magnesium plays a vital role in the action of over 325 enzymes.

It is necessary for a number of bodily functions including muscle control, electrical impulses, production of energy and detoxification.

Do I get enough magnesium?

If you answer yes to more than one of these questions, there is a good chance that you are magnesium deficient:

  • Do you experience a lot of stress in your life?
  • Do you drink carbonated beverages daily?
  • Do you consume caffe daily?
  • Do you eat foods containing refined sugar on a regular basis?
  • Do you drink more than 7 alcoholic beverages per week?
  • Do you take any of the following medications: diuretic, asthma medication, birth control pills or estrogen replacement therapy?
  • Do you take calcium supplements without magnesium?


  • The problem with present food sources

Even if you consume a diet rich in whole and organic foods, you could still be magnesium deficient. Today’s soil is not what it used to be and is depleted in many essential nutrients including magnesium. Modern agriculture methods have stripped the soil of these nutrients leaving each successive generation with poorer quality food.

What about natural detox: Epsom salt?

Epsom salt gets its name from a bitter saline spring at Epsom in Surrey, England. Epsom salt is not really a salt but rather a compound of magnesium and sulfate. Research demonstrate that magnesium and sulfate are easily absorbed through the skin which makes an Epsom salt bath a great way to replenish your body of the much-needed magnesium.

The therapeutic benefits of Epsom salt have been known for a very long time.

9 Reasons Why You Should Try An Whole Body Detox Epsom Salt Bath

The benefits of epsom salt bath:

Ease stress:

When we are under stress our body is drained of magnesium and increases our levels of adrenaline. While some short-term stress is actually helpful to our body, long-term exposure can lead to a number of harmful conditions such as high blood pressure, obesity, insomnia, blood sugar regulation problems etc.

When Epsom salt is added to a warm bath, the body is ready re-supplied with magnesium. This helps with the production of serotonin, the mood-lifting chemical in the brain that promotes calmness and reduces anxiety. Bathing in Epsom salt at least three times a week will help reduce irritability as well.

Untoxin diet pills speed up metabolism and remove toxins from your body, and thus make you feel light and burn excess fat faster.
Untoxin diet pills speed up metabolism and remove toxins from your body, and thus make you feel light and burn excess fat faster.

Promote restful sleep

If you have a hard time sleeping, like millions of other people, an Epsom salt bath will help promote a restful night. Take a bath about 30 minutes before your bedtime and follow it up with a cup of chamomile tea to bring about relaxation. You can also add a few drops of lavender essential oil to your bath for added relaxation.

Epsom Salt Bath Relieve inflammation and pain:

An Epsom salt bath can help not only relieve muscle tension but also reduce inflammation that causes pain. It is a useful way to reduce the pain from migraine headaches as well.

Epsom Salt Bath Is a Natural Detox

We are exposed to over 21,000 toxins on a regular basis including medications, herbicides, pesticides and PCB’s.Over 80% of our food have genetically modified ingredients and more than 80,000 metric tons of carcinogens are released into the air each year in North America alone.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average US citizen has residues from over 400 toxic compounds in their body. Epsom salt contains sulfates that flush toxins and heavy metals from the body. What is even more staggering is that there are 82,000 chemicals in use today in the US but only one-quarter of them have ever been tested for toxicity.

As mentioned, the skin is a highly porous membrane and when Epsom salt is added to a warm bath, salt and toxins are pulled out by a process known as reverse osmosis. This also strengthens the immune system as it doesn’t have the burden of all of the toxins.

More benefits from taking an Epsom salt bath as a natural detox include:

Researchers and physicians suggest these health benefits from proper magnesium and sulfate levels, as listed on the web site of the Epsom Salt Industry Council:detox at home

Detox at home with natural detox

  • Improved heart and circulatory health, reducing irregular heartbeats, preventing hardening of the arteries, reducing blood clots and lowering blood pressure.
  • Improved ability for the body to use insulin, reducing the incidence or severity of diabetes.
  • Flushed toxins and heavy metals from the cells, easing muscle pain and helping the body to eliminate harmful substances.
  • Improved nerve function by electrolyte regulation. Also, calcium is the main conductor for electrical current in the body, and magnesium is necessary to maintain proper calcium levels in the blood.
  • Relieved stress. Excess adrenaline and stress are believed to drain magnesium, a natural stress reliever, from the body. Magnesium is necessary for the body to bind adequate amounts of serotonin, a mood-elevating chemical within the brain that creates a feeling of well being and relaxation.
  • Reduced inflammation to relieve pain and muscle cramps.
  • Improved oxygen use.
  • Improved absorption of nutrients.
  • Improved formation of joint proteins, brain tissue and mucin proteins.
  • Prevention or easing of migraine headaches.
All this from a bath? Hurray!
While there are many different brands of Epsom salt, they are all the same product chemically, and can be found at most drug stores. Add two cups of Epsom salt and soak for at least 12 minutes. Do this three times weekly.
If you are pregnant or have any health concerns, please check with your doctor before using Epsom salts.

How to detox your body?

The best way to take an Epsom salt bath for natural detox

EPSOM salt bath
EPSOM salt bath

Although you may like to have a bath in steaming hot water, a warm bath is best. Add two cups of Epsom salt (such as this Epsoak Epsom Salt) to your bath (standard size tub) and soak for about fifteen minutes a few times a week for best results. If you tub is larger, use more salt.

If you don’t have time for a full bath, you can also make a shower paste. Simply add ¼ cup of organic olive oil and enough Epsom salt to make a paste. Use the scrub in the shower. Make a warm compress with Epsom salt to put on bruises or sore muscles.

More ways to use Epsom salt as Natural Detox

  • Foot soak – 1 cup Epsom salt to hot water and soak feet for twenty minutes.
  • Hair mask – Mix equal parts of your usual hair conditioner with epsom salt and leave on your hair for twenty minutes. Rinse with warm water.
  • Sunburn or itchy skin relief – Dissolve 1 tablespoon Epsom salt in ½ cup water and let cool. Pour in small spray bottle and use when needed. You can also use this same mixture on bug bites or stings. It will reduce redness and inflammation.
  • Remove splinters – Mix equal parts warm water and Epsom salt and soak for fifteen minutes to remove the splinter.
  • To explore more wonderful ways to use Epsom salt, read our popular article: 20 Mind Blowing Reasons Why Epsom Salt Should Be In Every Home

If you want to look and feel your best, consider adding a bag or two of Epsom salt to your medicine cabinet.

Help your whole body detox with natural supplements >>

Untoxin diet pills speed up metabolism and remove toxins from your body, and thus make you feel light and burn excess fat faster.
Untoxin diet pills speed up metabolism and remove toxins from your body, and thus make you feel light and burn excess fat faster.


Nagyanyáink csodaszere a keserűsó – Vajon tudod-e mi mindenre jó?

The Best Drink To Rapid Weight Loss, Build Muscle and Keep You Healthy & Strong

Hommade rapid weight loss drink

Rapid Weight Loss Drink Keeps You Healthy & Strong
Rapid Weight Loss Drink Keeps You Healthy & Strong

The Best Drink To :Rapid Weight Loss, Build Muscle and Keep You Healthy & Strong

By Zsuzsa Csontos – Marc 25, 2016

Are you ready to be fit and healthy? You do not have to take steroids or spend endless hours at the gym to do just that.

The right diet and lifestyle, will do just that. You can also try the below shake recipe.

The rapid weight loss can be harmful for you, but if you drink this, you keep your muscles, and fitness!

The Best Drink To Rapid Weight Loss, Build Muscle


  • 4-8 ounce kefir or raw goats milk yogurt
  • 3 eggs or
  • 2 scoops vanilla whey protein powder
  • 3 tablespoon sprouted almond butter
  • 1 tbsp chia seeds
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/2 cup ice

1. Combine all ingredients in a blender
2. Blend until smooth
3. Drink immediately

Health Benefits of these ingredients:

Almond Butter

A rich source of magnesium, calcium, protein, potassium, L-Arginine and vitamin E.


Gives the carbohydrates needed to build muscles.


Cinnamon is a spice that contains niacin and choline, which are both helpful in GH production.


Eggs are packed with the most bio-available source of amino acids, protein albumin and beta-carotene. 

Lose weight with egg diet! Egg Fast Diet meal plan

Flax Seeds

Offer the body a dose of omega-3, that fights inflammation among its other health benefits.

Organic Protein Powder

Provides the protein needed to pack on muscle.

Raw Dairy

Raw Dairy contains calcium, whey protein and CLA a potent fat burning compound.


GH Balance is a male growth hormone in a pill. Somebodybuilders breast milk. He also says that breast milk is the best supplement when building muscle as the milk contains Growth Hormone in it already, which aids in his bulking.
GH Balance is a male growth hormone in a pill.


Bad milk? Science has shown no milk is good for your body

Amazing Things that will Happen to Your Body when You Give Up Milk

You Give Up Milk Milk, Dairy, milk is bad
You Give Up Milk Milk, Dairy, milk is bad

For decades, we’ve all been told to drink milk for stronger bones and teeth. Animal milk has long been claimed as the go-to source of calcium by the dairy industry, but as it turns out, milk is bad for you.

Is milk unhealthy for us? milk unhealthy, bad milk, cow milk, unhealthy milk, no milk, why milk is bad

Unfortunately, science has shown just how damaging cow’s milk can be along with dairy products. If you still have a gallon of milk in the fridge, here are reasons why you should give them up right away:

1. You’ll have stronger bones

Believe it or not, you don’t need milk to improve your bones. According to a recent study published in the British Medical Journal, the more milk you consume, the higher your chances to have hip fractures.

In a Swedish medical study, women who consumed large quantities of dairy milk daily were more likely to sustain fractures than those who drank little to no milk.

2. You won’t get calcium deficiency

Contrary to popular belief, calcium is not only found in dairy products. There are other sources – healthy sources – where you can get this mineral, such as in:

  • Fruits, including figs and oranges
  • Leafy greens
  • Nuts
  • Beans
  • Nut milk
  • Fortified cereals

3. Lactose intolerance

Cow’s milk contains a sugar called lactose that can be difficult for people to digest, resulting in symptoms such as nausea, cramps, gas, bloating, and diarrhea. It can also develop later in life and result in months of worsening symptoms.

Stomach problems could go away

Many people are lactose intolerant, which means they cannot digest lactose, a sugar in dairy. As we grow older, our bodies generally stop producing the enzyme called lactose, which is responsible for breaking down dairy. Avoiding milk can help you get rid of your suffering and discomfort right away.

4. You will have lower risk of developing chronic diseases

Research shows that those who are lactose intolerant have lower risk of developing cancers, including ovarian, lung, and breast, particularly because they don’t consume a lot of dairy.

Aside from cancers, you’ll have reduced risk of having diabetes. Most of the milk products we have today are low in fat, but unfortunately, the missing fat is actually being replaced by sugar. You may be limiting your fat and calorie consumption, but you’re raising your sugar intake when you continue to drink milk, particularly low-fat products.

5. You’ll lose weight

You may have seen those ads where people become slimmer when they drink milk. But there actually is no scientific evidence that this is true. In fact, a study where 12,000 kids were involved discovered that the more milk they drank, the heavier they become.

GREEN COFFEE Plus is a revolutionary formulation to shed additional kilos. It's created for all those who wish to lose weight once and for all - easily, quickly and effectively.

6. No more acne! You’ll have clearer skin.

In multiple studies, the consumption of all types of cow’s milk was linked to an increased prevalence and severity of acne in both boys and girls.

Consuming dairy can stimulate flare-ups. This is why dermatologists recommend avoiding dairy to stop acne, eczema, and other skin conditions. If you have skin problems, you should go dairy-free. The benefits are almost endless: from flawless skin to fairer complexion to less bloating. Plus, you’ll even feel more energetic.

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Derminax effective acne treatment

7. Avoid prostate cancer with no milk diet

Some evidence suggests that the consumption of milk and other dairy products leads to an increased risk of prostate cancer. Conversely, dairy-free diets have been followed to slow the progress of prostate cancer.

8. Your hormones will become more balanced.

Milk has many hormones in it, including:

  • Progesterone
  • Androstenedione
  • Testosterone
  • Insulin

Some cows are even injected with recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH). With all these hormones in your drink, it is no wonder that your body’s natural hormones become imbalanced.

Avoid milk and dairy products to stop taking artificial hormones!

If you find it difficult to give up milk, the easiest thing is to replace it with plain full-fat yogurt. Add this for smoothies or even cereals. Eliminate dairy in your diet immediately to experience the benefits mentioned above.

Foods that can fight depression

What is reverse dieting?

What is Reverse Dieting?

What is Reverse Dieting
What is Reverse Dieting

What is reverse dieting?

“Reverse dieting,” simply put, simply put, is a transition period from a caloric deficit into caloric maintenance or surplus. In short, the goal is to increase your body’s ability to process calories and energy. It is a slow process that requires consistency and patience over time.

The goal is to maintain a leaner physique, make gains and eat more. It’s a transition where you add calories and decrease cardio…… and it can be a long process.

Who needs to reverse diet?

reverse dieting
reverse dieting
  • Anyone that has been on a low calorie diet (woman: 1,000-1200 cals or men: 1,200-1600 cals, Ref. 1) or a very low calorie diet (less than 1,000 cals) for long periods of time. A very low calorie diet is not recommended unless for an obese person under medical supervision. A calorie deficit can be created by cardio, strength training and eating less.
  • Anyone who has been dieting and their weight has plateaued for more than 3 weeks. Note that if you have not reached your desired weight but your weight has plateaued for more than 3 weeks, you need to work on the health of your metabolism by reverse dieting. Once you have gotten calories back up while maintaining your weight, you can diet back down again.
  • If your caloric deficit exceed 300-500 calories below maintenance, you need to diet slower and reverse back up a bit. See calculator for BMR, maintenance calories and the correct calorie deficit for you.

The purposes of reverse dieting are as follows:

  • restore metabolism
  • restore hormonal health
  • build muscle
  • minimize fat gain
  • prime the body for easier fat loss later down the road

If you’ve been dieting for a long time and you’ve found yourself spending increasingly more time in the gym while your food portions have dwindled away with not much to show for it in the way of results, you may want to consider reverse dieting. In fact, I would urge you to do so.

By adding calories slowly, you give your body time to adjust to them with the goal being as minimal body fat gain as possible.

These “calories”, that you add in while reverse dieting generally come in the form of carbohydrate and/or fat grams.

Generally speaking, amounts of 5-10g of carbohydrates and 1-3 g of fat per week are added.

However, it does vary for everyone. If you’re serious about long-term change, you must commit to a permanent lifestyle shift.

People respond to reverse dieting differently. Just in case you are unaware of how macronutrients translate into calories:

metadrol how it works
Reverse dieting and metadrol how it works

“Take my long-time client Samantha, for example. When she came to me, she was 5’10” 160lbs with a 27-inch waist. We dieted her down, and after a few months, she was feeling constantly fatigued and groggy, with her motivation at an all-time low. At that point, we switched gears and transitioned her into a reverse dieting phase for a solid nine months. She put her trust in me as her coach and stuck to her nutrition program diligently.

Here are her results:


reverse diet
reverse diet


reverse diet graph reverse diet graph
reverse diet graph

Do you see what happened there?

During a timespan of nine months, she was able to exceed her starting Calorie intake by over 800 per day. Not only that, but she ended up a good deal leaner than she first came to me – four pounds off the scale and 3.5 inches off the waist, to be exact. While eating more food.

She was patient and consistent, and she is now enjoying the fruits of her labor.

Because listen: she may weigh six pounds more now than at the end of her diet, but she’s only put 1.5 inches on her waist while adding 1100+ Calories daily. We were able to push her food intake far, far more than her measurements increased.”

metadrol how it works
Reverse dieting and metadrol how it works

Reference:Thompson JL, Manore MM, Thomas JR. Effects of diet and diet-plus-exercise programs on resting metabolic rate: a meta-analysis. Int J Sport Nutr 1996; 6: 41–61.

Hydrogen Peroxide uses and extraordinary effects of H2O2

Hydrogen Peroxide uses – Healing miracle of all times

Hydrogen peroxide healing effects
Hydrogen peroxide healing effects

Hydrogen peroxide -H202 – Uses, remedies, treatments

Hydrogen peroxide provides a source of reactive oxygen species, and can be used as an oxygen supplement.  

H2O2 can be beneficial for health and aging. This healing miracle you already have it in your house.

If not, you can pick it up at any grocery store or drug store for just a couple of dollars. In fact, it’s one of the lowest-cost, handiest household supplies there is. And you would be surprised at just how many ways you can use it for cleaning, hygiene, healing, style, and more. I’m going to share a ton of amazing hydrogen peroxide uses with you, but first, I want to introduce you to this incredible chemical compound and its properties! 
Hydrogen peroxide is a colourless liquid, only a little more viscous than water. On sight, it actually looks exactly like water. It has powerful oxidizing properties, which allows it to work as a bleaching agent (as anyone who has ever bleached their hair knows, peroxide reacts with melanin to oxidize it and convert it into a compound which is free of colour). Hydrogen peroxide’s same oxidizing properties allow it to react with bacteria, viruses, spores, and yeasts, making it a great disinfectant. Also, interestingly enough, in high concentrations, it can be used as a propellant in rocketry.

If you have ever used hydrogen peroxide to disinfect a cut, you probably have noticed all the fizzing and bubbling that happens. There is a misconception that this is the “last gasp” of the dying organisms. What it really is, is the result of the H202 bonds breaking during the reaction. One of the oxygen molecules is liberated, leaving H20 (water!) behind. The free oxygen molecules are what you see bubbling to the surface. Isn’t science awesome? But now, let’s get on to the many amazing applications of hydrogen peroxide around the home! See now the Hydrogen Peroxide uses.

Medicinal Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is perhaps best known for its medicinal uses; this is after all why it tends to be sold in the pharmaceutical section of the store. Here are some commonly known medicinal uses for hydrogen peroxide as well as a few you probably aren’t aware of!

Take a detoxifying bath with Hydrogen Peroxide

Take a detoxifying bath – If you want to give your bathwater a detoxifying boost, try adding two quarts of peroxide to your bathwater. Soak in the bath for half an hour. This can be a great idea if you are sick and want to make sure you emerge from the bathtub actually clean of germs.

H2O2 clean and disinfect minor wounds

Clean and disinfect minor wounds – This is one of the most obvious uses. If you have hydrogen peroxide in your home, it may be the reason. The 3% solution you can buy at the drug-store can be applied directly to minor wounds to clean away dead tissue. It can halt minor bleeding, and can help to clear up infections or prevent infections from setting in. It is generally recommended to only apply the hydrogen peroxide once, since doing it too many times may also inhibit friendly bacteria which help to facilitate healing.

Treat a yeast infection

If you use douching as a method to treat a yeast infection, try adding a couple capfuls of hydrogen peroxide to the mix. You may find that this controls or even cures your yeast infection.

Hydrogen Peroxide helps to get rid of acne and boils

Get rid of acne and boils – While you are at it, if you have infected acne, you may be able to speed up the healing process by applying a little hydrogen peroxide to the infected sites. It will act just the same way it does on wounds, helping to kill the unwanted bacteria and cleanse the area. Just as with wounds, you do not want to overdo this! Just apply it once. If you apply it too many times, you will kill the good bacteria too.

Hydrogen Peroxide Cure canker sores

Cure canker sores – If you have canker sores in your mouth, you may be able to get them to go away faster by swishing some hydrogen peroxide in your mouth. Combine it with water so that you don’t cause any irritation or blistering in your mouth (too high a concentration of hydrogen peroxide can do this in large amounts). Swish it around for half a minute or so, and then spit it out and rinse with fresh water.

Expunge bad breath

Expunge bad breath – Can’t get rid of your bad breath by brushing your teeth? One great alternative to mouthwash for bad breath is hydrogen peroxide. Since hydrogen peroxide kills the unhealthy organisms in your mouth which cause bad breath, all it takes is half a minute of swishing to get bad breath to go away. You may be surprised how effective this is. In fact, if all you have is minor bad breath once in a while, just swishing with hydrogen peroxide once a week could mean you are good to go for the rest of the week. Just make sure you don’t overuse it, because it can kill good bacteria in your mouth too.

Hydrogen Peroxide fight foot fungus

Fight foot fungus – Athlete’s foot is no fun! If you are tired of all that itching, you may find that hydrogen peroxide is a helpful antidote, thanks to its anti-fungal properties. This is largely an anecdotal use, but many people claim that they have successfully cured foot fungus infections just by applying a mixture comprised of equal parts water and hydrogen peroxide. Add 1 1/2 oz. 35% H2O2 to gallon and soak.
Soak feet nightly in 3% H2O2.

Hydrogen Peroxide treat colds

Treat colds – There is no cure for the common cold, and hydrogen peroxide is no exception to that rule. But there are things you can do to treat a common cold, and many people report that one great method is to put a couple drops of hydrogen peroxide in your ears. This can help to clear out any infection or blockage in your ear.

Helps to get rid of an ear infection

Get rid of an ear infection – While we’re at it, you can also use hydrogen peroxide drops in your ear to take on an ear infection. Just know that you may need medical attention; you cannot cure all ear infections on your own, and they can get serious. So don’t let this stop you from going to a doctor!

Use H2O2 to clear out ear wax

Clear out ear wax – Ear wax isn’t an infection, but it can certainly drive you crazy when it blocks up your ear so much you have trouble hearing! Just as you can use hydrogen peroxide drops to get rid of infections in your ear, you can also use it to clear up excess wax. Try adding a couple of drops of olive oil, and then follow it up with a couple drops of hydrogen peroxide. Keep your head tilted for about a minute, and then tilt it back the other way and let the mixture drain out. You may also want to gently flush your ear out with warm water.

Hydrogen Peroxide can deal with a sinus infection

Deal with a sinus infection – I would be cautious about this one (actually, personally I wouldn’t try it), but many people report success without any adverse effects. One tablespoon of 3% H202 added to one cup of pure water.
Spray into nasal passages to relieve congestion. Spray it into your nose and then blow it back out after a moment. This in theory will kill the sinus infection.

Hydrogen Peroxide can tackle a toothache

Tackle a toothache – Have an awful toothache, and can’t make it to the dentist right now? Try putting some hydrogen peroxide in your mouth mixed with water, and hold it there for a few minutes. Most people who use this method suggest that you hold it for ten minutes if you can. This reportedly relieves a significant amount of the pain. Some people even do this several times a day, but I caution you to avoid overuse, since you don’t want to kill the good bacteria in your mouth.

 Hygiene and Beauty Uses

Hydrogen peroxide has many uses for hygiene and beauty, and is a great supply to have handy in your bathroom. Some of these uses overlap with medicinal uses, since they have both a health and beauty effect.

Hydrogen Peroxide uses :Whiten your teeth

Whiten your teeth – Remember earlier when I said you could use hydrogen peroxide as an effective mouthwash to get rid of bad breath? It has the other main benefit of mouthwash too, which is teeth whitening! Remember, peroxide acts as a bleaching agent. That means that swishing it around in your mouth helps to bleach your teeth too. I have noticed instantaneous results with this. If my teeth are looking a little yellow and I swish for just half a minute and spit, my teeth look significantly lighter right afterwards. Do this as a weekly routine and you will keep your smile looking bright.

Make a toothpaste with H2O2

Make a toothpaste – If you are not a fan of toothpaste that comes in a tube and has all kinds of questionable artificial ingredients, you can make your own toothpaste at home. You can do this using baking soda by itself, if you like, or you can make it even more effective by mixing baking soda with hydrogen peroxide.

Use baking soda and add enough 3% H2O2 to make a paste.
Or just dip your brush in 3% H2O2 and brush.

This also works great in a pinch if you simply forgot to put the toothpaste on your grocery store list before you headed to the supermarket.

a beautiful smile will make you more attractive!
Get Ibright and have white teeth in 5 days. A beautiful smile will make you more attractive!

Disinfect your toothbrushes

Disinfect your toothbrushes – Now and again it’s a great idea to pour some hydrogen peroxide over your toothbrushes. This can help kill staph and other bacteria, which lessens the chance of it getting into (or getting back into) your mouth.

Use it as a deodorant

Use it as a deodorant – Apparently this stuff works great as a deodorant if you mix it in a 1:2 ratio with dish soap, of all things. You are meant to leave it on for half an hour, and then rinse it off. I imagine that this would be rather unpleasant for about 30 minutes, since dish soap is frankly quite sticky. It may work well in a pinch though if you forgot to buy deodorant and just need to get ready before you head out somewhere for the evening.

Clean your contact lenses

Clean your contact lenses – Contact lenses can gradually accumulate a buildup of proteins over time. One way you can get rid of that buildup is to use a commercial lens cleaner—or you can just go with hydrogen peroxide! Hydrogen peroxide is the active ingredient in many lens cleaners as it is. It gets the job done quickly, easily and cheaply.

Whiten your nails

Whiten your nails – If you want to whiten your nails, you can do it the same way you can whiten teeth or hair—with hydrogen peroxide. Just soak some hydrogen peroxide into a cotton ball and dab it onto your nails. This can lighten them, making for a brighter appearance.

Cover your roots

All hairdresser use H2O2 – Are your bleached blonde hair starting to show their dark roots, natural colour while they grow? Dab on some hydrogen peroxide and let it sit for about half an hour, and then wash it out. This is often enough to conceal the roots (think of Margaret Houlihan from M*A*S*H*, who was always trying to hide the fact that she wasn’t a natural blonde, and was in fact using the hydrogen peroxide she’d stashed from the medical supplies to cover up her roots).

… Or gradually lighten your hair

Hydrogen Peroxide uses
Hydrogen Peroxide uses

… Or gradually lighten your hair – Covering your roots the quick and dirty way isn’t the only use for hydrogen peroxide in your hair. You can also use it to lighten your hair gradually over time. Mix equal parts hydrogen peroxide and water and add them to a spray bottle. Spray the solution into your hair, and then use a comb to help distribute it. Wait for it to dry, and that’s it. Just do this routinely, and your hair will gradually show blonde highlights. The nice thing about this is that it isn’t too harsh, and it also gives you control over how light you want to go, since you can just do it a little bit at a time (if you’ve ever used Sun-In lightener, this essentially works the same way using the same active ingredient plus some lemon juice).

Soften calluses and corns

Soften calluses and corns – Have calluses and corns on your feet? You can soften them by soaking your feet in hydrogen peroxide and water.

Hydrogen Peroxide uses at cleaning 

Hydrogen peroxide as a disinfectant isn’t just useful on wounds or in your mouth; it is also very helpful for tackling surfaces around the home. This can help to prevent sickness or keep sickness from spreading. It can also get surfaces looking sparkling and clean!

Disinfect your countertops

Disinfect your countertops – In the bathroom, kitchen, and anywhere else in your house, you can quickly and easily disinfect your countertops using hydrogen peroxide. Mix it with water (in equal parts, as usual) in a spray bottle, and apply it directly to the surfaces you need to wipe down. Then just get a sponge and wipe them down, and you are good to go.

Whiten your grout

Whiten your grout – Nothing looks worse than grout that has started to take on that dingy appearance from collecting dust and dirt and everything else to come along. To whiten your grout, first, make sure it is dry, and then spray peroxide directly onto it. Walk away and do something else for a couple of hours, and then come back with a toothbrush and soapy water. Scrub vigorously, and then dry it off. It should look white and clean and new!

Clean your mirrors and windows

Clean your mirrors – Do you hate the streaks that commercial cleaners leave on your mirrors? According to a lot of people who use hydrogen peroxide for cleaning around the home, hydrogen peroxide makes a great no-streak cleaning agent for mirrors. You can just spray it on and then wipe it down using paper towel. It will get rid of any bathroom germs that have made a home on the glass too.

Wash out your toilet bowl

Wash out your toilet bowl – To disinfect your toilet bowl, pour in half a cup of hydrogen peroxide. Let it stand inside for twenty minutes. Then come back and scrub out the bowl with your toilet brush as usual, and flush. While you are at it, douse your toilet bowl brush in hydrogen peroxide. This will disinfect the brush and keep it clean and sanitary.

Clean your tiles

Clean your tiles – Tiles, like the grout so often used to seal them, can become quite ugly quite fast when they accumulate stains and soap scum. Hydrogen peroxide helps to kill mold and brighten tiles, so it makes an excellent tile cleaner. To use it, just mix it up in a paste with flour. Apply it to your tiles directly, and then cover it with plastic wrap. Leave it sit overnight, and then come back the next morning and rinse your tiles until they are clean. They should be bright, shiny and sparkly, just like new!

H2O2 kill mold

Kill mold – Anywhere you find mold in your house, you can apply hydrogen peroxide directly to the site, and then wipe it clean. Hydrogen peroxide is effective against many different types of mold, and can help to clean and detoxify a wide variety of surfaces.

Hydrogen Peroxide Uses in the Kitchen

While hydrogen peroxide is great for cleaning all around the home, it is particularly handy in the kitchen, where it has many specific applications! Read on to discover them.

Clean a cutting board

Clean a cutting board – Your cutting board is a place where germs can readily congregate, especially if you use it to chop meat. Rinse off your cutting board after you use it, and then spray it down with peroxide. This will take care of those germs before they get into other foods you are preparing or find their way onto your utensils.

Add it to the dishwasher

Add it to the dishwasher – Want your dishwasher to do a better job? Try adding a couple ounces of hydrogen peroxide to your dish detergent. Add 2 oz. of 3% H2O2 to your regular washing formula. While you’re at it, you can also add a little to your regular dish and hand soap to give them a boost. They will do an even better job at killing germs.

Get rid of stubborn caked-on food

Get rid of stubborn caked-on food – Have caked-on food on your pots and pans that you are having a tough time cleaning out? Combine baking soda with hydrogen peroxide so that they form a paste, and then rub that onto the dirty dish in the problematic spot. Let it sit for a few minutes, and then come back and scrub it away with warm water. The baking soda acts as an abrasive while the hydrogen peroxide helps to break up the particulates. The stain should lift off with relative ease.

Disinfect your dish-rags and sponges

Disinfect your dish-rags and sponges – Dishrags and sponges pick up a ton of germs while you use them. And then if you just leave them sit, those germs can really multiply. Soak your dish-rags and sponges in hydrogen peroxide or even just spray it on them while they are sitting in the sink, and watch them foam up. There are a lot of germs to kill! Doing this not only helps you to stay safe, but it also extends the lifetime of your sponges before you have to replace them. You may also be able to go a little longer between washings for your dish-rags.

Clean your fruits and vegetables and keep them fresh

Clean your fruits and vegetables and keep them fresh – There are several different ways you can use hydrogen peroxide to clean your fruits and veggies and help them stay fresh. Get a spray bottle and add some food-grade hydrogen peroxide. Spray them, let them stand for a couple minutes, and then rinse off the hydrogen peroxide and let them dry. You can then fill another spray bottle with vinegar and spray your fruits and veggies with that. The two work great for detoxifying your food. Want to preserve your fruits and vegetables so that they last longer? Pour a sink full of cold water, and then add a quarter of a cup of food grade peroxide. Soak your vegetables for around 20 minutes. Rinse them, and let them dry. This will get rid of chemicals which may have been used in the growing process, and also will preserve freshness.

Keep a salad fresh

Keep a salad fresh – Salads are delicious and very good for you, but they tend to go bad almost overnight. To keep your salad fresh a little bit longer, combine half a cup of water with a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide (make sure to use food-grade, once again), and then spray this mixture on the salad. As you can see, this mixture is very much watered-down. That is very important (a note on that later).

Clean your fridge

Clean your fridge – Want to get unpleasant odors out of your fridge and also disinfect everything? Wipe your shelves down with hydrogen peroxide. This will get rid of unsightly food stains and also kill germs. It should help to neutralize some odors as well. To deal with the rest, just add a box of baking soda.

Miscellaneous Hydrogen Peroxide uses

Here are a few more ways you can use hydrogen peroxide in the laundry room and in other areas of your house.

Clean your rugs and carpets

Clean your rugs and carpets – Have some tough stains in your rugs or carpets? Spray hydrogen peroxide on them to get rid of those unsightly food and mud stains. Be sure that you only do this on light-colored fabrics, though! If you try it on dark colored carpets or rugs, you could end up bleaching them and creating a new unsightly patch instead! You may want to do a test first in a spot where no one is going to see it (inside a closet or under an item of furniture for example). If you have light or white colored carpet, using hydrogen peroxide should be no problem.

Disinfect children’s lunch boxes

Disinfect children’s lunch boxes – If your kids take their lunch to school in a lunchbox, you know how gross those lunchboxes can get over time. It is easy to overlook the buildup of food residue in these boxes, because you don’t wash them every time. Once in a while, spray some hydrogen peroxide inside. Let it sit for a few minutes and then rinse and wipe it down. This will disinfect the box, and help keep your kid healthy.

Clean your kids’ toys

Clean your kids’ toys – Children, particularly toddlers, tend to get spit all over their toys—yuck. This is not only a problem for you and for other children, but it is unsanitary for them too. Use hydrogen peroxide to occasionally wipe down toys, toy boxes, and play areas. It is a safer cleaning agent to use around small children than many commercial cleaners, since it will not cause lung irritations.

Replace the bleach in your laundry room

Replace the bleach in your laundry room – If you are looking for an alternative to commercial bleach for your whites, you can try using hydrogen peroxide in your wash. Soak fabrics for around half an hour, and you should be able to pull the yellowing out of your whites for a fresh, clean look. Just make sure to keep the stuff far away from your other garments so that you do not bleach them by mistake.

Brighten table cloths and curtains

Brighten table cloths and curtains – While you are at it, do you have any white curtains or tablecloths which have become a little yellowed or stained over time? Wipe the yellowed areas down with hydrogen peroxide. Alternately, just throw them in the wash with the rest of your whites.

Wash your shower curtains

Wash your shower curtains – Don’t forget about the shower curtains! These love to pick up mildew and soap scum like it’s an extreme sport. Fight back by using hydrogen peroxide. If you have a shower curtain which can go in the washing machine, do it. Otherwise you can do it by hand.

Remove tough stains from clothing

Remove tough stains from clothing – Certain types of stains are quite tricky to get rid of, in particular organic stains like blood. Sweat stains that form on the armpits of shirts can also be problematic. Hydrogen peroxide is great for tackling these pesky stains. Mix two parts hydrogen peroxide with one part detergent, and then use it directly on the stains you are trying to remove. As a reminder, you can only use this technique on light or white coloured clothing! Do not use on dark or patterned cloth, or you will bleach your clothes.

Get rid of odours in your clothing

Are some of your clothes musty-smelling? You can get rid of these odours by washing your clothes in a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and white vinegar. This will get any unwanted smells out of your clothing fast. Only do this with light-colored clothes!

Disinfect the inside of a cooler

Coolers are subject to the same issues as lunch-boxes. They tend to accumulate food residue and go neglected. You can wipe down a cooler’s interior the same way you can a child’s lunch-box. This will help keep the cooler sanitary.

Disinfect reusable bags

Do you use a reusable shopping bag in order to protect the environment? This is a great way to cut back on environmental waste, but you need to take steps to occasionally protect your health too. Now and again, you are going to want to turn your bag inside out, and spray some hydrogen peroxide solution on the fabric. This will disinfect the bag and also get rid of any lingering food odours.

Clean a dehumidifier (or a humidifier)

Clean a dehumidifier (or a humidifier) – Dehumidifiers and humidifiers both have a tendency to accumulate mold build-up. If you let this get out of control, it becomes a sanitation problem fast. Now and again, run a hydrogen peroxide and water solution through your device to kill the mold inside. That way you will continue to process clean air.

Boost plant growth

Boost plant growth – One cool scientific fact about H202 which I forgot to mention earlier is the fact that it is found in rainwater naturally. Why? During a rainstorm, there is ozone in the atmosphere (O3). Now and again, the falling H20 (water) picks up an extra oxygen atom from this ozone. This converts it into H202. It turns out that this is one of the reasons that rainwater helps plants to grow faster!

You can soak your plant seeds in hydrogen peroxide to simulate rainwater. This will get rid of fungal spores and speed the rate at which your seeds germinate. Use 1 ounce of peroxide for every 2 cups of water, and make it an overnight soak. Also, if you have plants which have been growing for a while, you can boost the health of their root system by occasionally spraying them with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water. Just use 1 part peroxide to 32 parts water. What a cool use for this handy compound!

Kill mites

Kill mites – Mites are a pain wherever you find them. Wherever you do, spray some hydrogen peroxide. It’s a safe way to kill mites which won’t contaminate your home or outdoor environment.

Remove algae from an aquarium

Remove algae from an aquarium – Have algae growing on the sides of your fish tank? One safe and effective way to kill it without harming your aquarium’s inhabitants is to use hydrogen peroxide. This must be done with great care! You wan to use around 60 ml of 3% hydrogen peroxide per 250 liters (that’s 66 gallons) of tank water. Add it with a dropper or a syringe slowly over the course of about five minutes. Apply it directly to the clump of algae if you can. Once the H202 lands on the algae and reacts with it, killing it, it will dilute rapidly, converting into H20 plus free oxygen.

Be aware that some aquarium plants may not handle this well. And if you add too much, you will oxidize (and kill) your aquarium’s inhabitants, including fish, snails, shrimps and frogs. As an interesting anecdote, people have been adding barley straws to their aquariums for quite a long time to kill algae. It is believed that this works because the barley slowly releases hydrogen peroxide in small amounts.

Add oxygen to a bag while transporting fish

Are you transporting fish in a bag? You can make this process safer and more comfortable for your fish by adding H202 to the bags. Do not use the liquid hydrogen peroxide recommended for the other applications in this article. Instead, go with the little white tablets which dissolve for a controlled release of oxygen. Note that if you have a gasping fish, you can sometimes save it by adding a five times dose of the liquid hydrogen peroxide. This is a measure of last resort, but the oxygen boost sometimes is enough.

Treat wounds in animals

Just as hydrogen peroxide can be used to treat human wounds, you can also use it to treat wounds on your pets. Believe it or not, this also includes fish—just not very small ones. If you can dab it on carefully, it will remove dead flesh and help to kill the bacteria. Balance this with the risk of stressing the fish though; if you stress the fish out too much, it may not be worth it, and you have to get it back into the water fast.

Induce vomiting to save the life of a pet

If your pet swallows something toxic, you may be able to save its life by inducing vomiting with the aid of 3% hydrogen peroxide. This works well for dogs, cats, pigs, and ferrets. Use 1 oz. 3% H2O2 to 1 qt. in their water bowl.
Start by offering your pet a small meal; this makes it more likely your animal will vomit. If he doesn’t eat it, just move onto the next step. Measure hydrogen peroxide out as follows: 1 millimetre per pound of weight (with a small critter like a ferret, half a teaspoon is usually sufficient). Use a syringe or turkey baster to squirt it into the back of your pet’s mouth. Vomiting should ensue inside of 15 minutes. You can try this one more time if it fails the first time. If it fails again, it’s time to call the vet.

And finally …

One Thing You Should Not Do With Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide works great topically and in a few other ways to tackle health problems, but one thing you should not do is ingest it.

There are alternative health practitioners who recommend hydrogen peroxide for all kinds of conditions—everything form the flu to cancer. The idea is that by consuming hydrogen peroxide on a daily basis, you will be creating an oxygen-rich environment where pathogens cannot survive.

Your body actually produces some hydrogen peroxide on its own naturally as part of your immune response. So the thinking goes, “If that works, then why not produce more?”

So why shouldn’t you do this? Your immune system produces hydrogen peroxide, yes, but it does so in such a way that the hydrogen peroxide cannot damage other body cells. It is contained inside a compartment called a phagosome.

When you imbibe hydrogen peroxide, it is free, and therefore can damage any tissue in your body through oxidative stress. This actually may be one of the causes of cancer. So you could actually make things worse on yourself by taking H202 orally. Plus, large doses even at the 3% concentration can cause oral blistering, abdominal pain, diarrhoea, and vomiting. Taking it intravenously is just as bad.

The Bottom Line: Hydrogen Peroxide is Amazing!

Even though you cannot take hydrogen peroxide orally to treat health conditions, it works great to treat minor wounds, ear infections, colds, sinus infections, toothaches, yeast infections, and more. Its uses for beauty and hygiene are extensive, and it’s a wonderful cleaning and disinfecting agent to use around the house, especially in the kitchen. Hydrogen peroxide is so amazing you can even use it to save a pet’s life in a tight spot.

Do you know any exciting uses for hydrogen peroxide that we haven’t discussed?


A Hidrogén-Peroxid bámulatos hatása

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How to Stop Heart Attack in a Minute with Cayenne Peppers

Cayenne Peppers are good for your heart?

Stop Heart Attack with Cayenne Peppers!

Cayenne peppers are quite a potent stimulant and yet it does not affect a person’s alertness. Instead, it promotes heart rate and helps in carrying blood to the most crucial parts of the body. In this case, good circulation is restored. These peppers also have a homeostatic effect on the body and are very effective at stopping bleeding.

What’s most important is that it aids in the fast recovery of the heart.

Benefits of cayenne of the top 5 healthiest spices
Benefits of cayenne of the top 5 healthiest spices

Cayenne Pepper is well known for thousands of years for its healing properties.

The famous herbal Dr. Schulze said:
“If you master only one herb in your life, master cayenne pepper. It is more powerful than any other.”

In order to stop an impending heart attack, cayenne peppers should be readily available.

Have a cup of cayenne pepper tea prepared if here is someone in your home that has a heart disease or is prone to have an attack.

It is easy to prepare the tea.Simply have a teaspoon of cayenne pepper powder and add it to a cup of water. Give the mixture to a family member or friend who may have a heart attack and he or she will soon be safe.

Make sure though that the person is still conscious before you provide the tea.

Cayenne peppers are good metabolic boosters. If you want to loose weight fast eat more cayenne peppers!

How to loose weight fast?


Stop Heart Attack in a Minute with Cayenne Peppers cayenne-heart-attack
Stop Heart Attack in a Minute with Cayenne Peppers cayenne-heart-attack
Five to 10 drops of the tea is already enough for a patient who might suffer from a heart attack.You can add another five to 10 drops after five minutes if the condition of the patient does not improve.Meanwhile, if the person is unconscious, you can still give the patient the cayenne pepper extract.

However, you should be careful, particularly because the measurement has to be precise in which the extract should be 90,000 Scoville units.

Just put the extract under the tongue of the patient and wait.

You may have to perform CPR techniques if you know how to in order to quicken the results.

Depression is more than just a low mood! How to get out of depression?

How to get out of depression?

An anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle are critical for full recovery from these conditions. Anti-inflammatory foods help to modulate the immune system and give it a more accurate pair of eyes so as to not over-inflame when stimulated. To effectively de-inflame it is key to completely avoiding man-made foods, sugars, and food allergens as listed above. The long chain omega 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA are not only critical for healthy brain function but also powerfully de-inflame the body by restoring natural balance to the lipid wall of the cell membrane.
An anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle are critical for full recovery from depression

What is Depression?

Depression is more than just a low mood – it’s a serious illness.
While we all feel sad, moody or low from time to time, some people experience these feelings intensely, for long periods of time and often without reason. People with depression find it hard to function every day and may be reluctant to participate in activities they once enjoyed.
Depression is one of the most common mental health problems.

Everyone has a bad day now and then. There is no shortage of life events that can leave us feeling distressed, disappointed or just plain lousy. The problem is when these kinds of feelings persist; when long-lasting changes in mood, feelings and behaviours develop into depression. And yet, on occasions, depression just seems to come out of nowhere, at a time when everything appears to be fine.

Many factors may contribute to depression including:

• a family history of depression
• hormonal changes (in women and men)
• emotional stress (e.g. bereavement, job loss, relationship
• medicines (e.g. some cancer and heart medicines)
• medical conditions – such as thyroid and other hormone problems, or battling a chronic or terminal illness (see page 316 for more information on co-morbid chronic illness and

Women's Formula contains a specially formulated combination of adaptogenic herbs, vitamins and minerals to meet the unique nutritional needs of women, while balancing the hormone system, stimulating the immune system and enhancing energy levels.
Women’s Formula contains a specially formulated combination of adaptogenic herbs, vitamins and minerals to meet the unique nutritional needs of women, while balancing the hormone system, stimulating the immune system and enhancing energy levels.

• personality – the type of person you are and how you respond to life events

• social support – whether you have sufficient supportive people around you. People isolated on farms or station properties may lack important social support.
• life changes – major life events such as the birth of a baby may increase the risk of developing depression.

How to get out of depression?

Ways to deal with depression

Treating depression naturally

 Eat yourself happier!

There is not enough evidence to say for certain that some foods help relieve symptoms of depression.

 “The most important thing is to eat regularly and to include the main food groups in your daily diet,” says Dr Lynn Harbottle, consultant in nutrition and dietetics at the Health and Social Services Department in Guernsey.

Coping with depression

A diet based on starchy foods, such as rice and pasta, with plenty of fruit and vegetables, some protein-rich foods such as meat, fish and lentils, and some milk and dairy foods (and not too much fat, salt or sugar) will give you all the nutrients you need.

An anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle are critical for full recovery from these conditions.  Anti-inflammatory foods help to modulate the immune system and give it a more accurate pair of eyes so as to not over-inflame when stimulated.  To effectively de-inflame it is key to completely avoiding man-made foods, sugars, and food allergens as listed above.   The long chain omega 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA are not only critical for healthy brain function but also powerfully de-inflame the body by restoring natural balance to the lipid wall of the cell membrane.

How to get out of depression?

Nutrients, that are key for mood stabilization include Vitamin D, Folic acid, Pyridoxine (B6), Vitamin B12, Zinc, CoQ10, and trace minerals. Vitamin D levels should be between 60-100 ng/ml.  Boost Vitamin D naturally with 20-60 minutes of healthy sunlight everyday or 10,000-50,000 IU of emulsified vitamin D3 daily to get the levels where they should be.  A raw, whole-food multi-vitamin that supplies ample amounts of folic acid (400 mcg), B6 (4mg), B12(100 mcg), Zinc (15 mg), trace minerals, & CoQ10 (500 mcg) should be consumed daily. 

How to get out of depression with sex?

Depression affects the sex life

Sexual activity depends on a working relationship between the body and mind. Depression may interrupt this relationship. Men with depression may experience impotence, which can trigger a vicious cycle of sexual performance anxiety, followed by renewed erectile dysfunction, which only makes performance anxiety worse.

On the other side: Sex can help boost your mood and act as a buffer against depression’s effects.

How? One surprising recent study actually suggests that exposure to semen may help fight depression. Beyond sperm, the research found that semen may provide mood-boosting hormones and chemical compounds for women.

Be womanizer! drive women crazy establish instant sexual chemistry get more looks, more dates, more sex
How to get out of depression? Be womanizer! Drive women crazy establish instant sexual chemistry get more looks, more dates, more sex

HGH side effects? Where to buy HGH which is safe?

Want to kno more about HGH side effects?

HGH is Not a Steroid

Human Growth Hormone is not steroids. Read that again. HGH and anabolic steroids are not the same thing. Got it? Good, because there are so many misconceptions about both agents of human growth and development that most people simply lump them into the same category.

ide effects


Heck, even the media doesn’t know the difference. Most stories you read about performance enhancing drugs just hide the fact that the journalist who wrote the story doesn’t have a clue about what steroids are, what HGH does, and that there’s no grey area that separates the two in athletic competition. HGH is not steroids. Simple as that.

A Definition Please…

HGH is a synthetic version of growth hormone, a 191 amino acid protein-based peptide hormone produced by the anterior pituitary gland and responsible for cell growth and regeneration. Growth hormone determines your height, bone density, skin condition and your body’s ability to repair itself and look young.

Anabolic steroids are a drug that mimics the effects of testosterone and dihydrotestosterone. Such drugs, including Halotestin and Durabolin, increase muscle size and strengthen bones. They’re legal only with a doctor’s prescription to treat medical conditions related to lack of testosterone. When taken for reasons other than this purpose, they’re illegal.

Having said this, both HGH and steroids have anabolic properties, meaning they can can ‘build up’ human tissue. And in some cases, they produce similar benefits. They also share similar side effects, and in the event you’re looking for a safer alternative to HGH and steroids for a natural advantage in the gym, we’ll review that too.

Where the Confusion Comes From

HGH and steroids are both legally available to treat medical conditions related to hormone deficiencies. Some endocrinologists prescribe HGH to treat growth hormone deficiency, in children and adults. When administered to a child, HGH can increase height, which makes it a popular treatment for children who demonstrate stunted growth.

HGH is also approved to treat cachexia – loss of body mass from AIDS.

Where to buy hgh? Clikk below for the official info 

An HGH releaser is a dietary supplement of herbals and amino acids designed to stimulate natural production of growth hormone.
An HGH releaser is a dietary supplement of herbals and amino acids designed to stimulate natural production of growth hormone.

Steroids are a legal way to treat deficiencies in testosterone

Such drugs can cause puberty to start early and can treat boys with a genetic disorder. As with HGH, they’re legal only when prescribed by a doctor.

Both HGH and steroids are synthetic and have performance enhancing properties. They can both increase muscle volume and human performance, though steroids more dramatically than HGH.

Their anabolic properties make both HGH and steroids an attractive option for individuals who want to enhance the human condition. In that light, HGH is most often abused for cosmetic reasons, particularly to look younger. And steroids are often misused between 10-100 times their recommended dosage to build muscle mass.

Handle HGH With Care

While both treatments are synthetic, HGH is a synthetic form of growth hormone. Somatropin is a well-known patented version of HGH.

Steroids, though designed to mimic testosterone, are simply drugs.

Side effects of HGH

As you may have heard, both synthetic HGH and steroids come with a concerning list of side effects.

Among other things, HGH when taken with injections can cause abnormal bone growth, nausea, joint stiffness, increased risk of diabetes, several forms of cancer and more.

HGH side effects can not be compared with steroid side effects

Many health risks associated with Steroids, that have received the most attention in media circles. HGH side effects

HGH side effects

These side effects include:

  • damage to sperm
  • permanent impotence
  • shrunken testicles
  • gynecomastia (man breasts)
  • hair loss
  • acne

Steroids are also linked to increased blood pressure, risk of heart attack and stroke. There is also compelling evidence that steroids can cause irritability, intense mood swings and ‘roid rage’. The death and double murder surrounding former WWE superstar Chris Benoit’s early demise is an infamous case of such a phenomena.

Men looking to make gains in the weight room should avoid needles completely, be it from HGH or steroids. Instead, they might consider another route.

A Safer Alternative: The HGH HyperGh14x™

Buy HGH, but buy only supplement of herbals and amino acids designed to stimulate natural production of growth hormone

 HGH side effects? Where to buy HGH which is safe?

An HGH releaser is a dietary supplement of herbals and amino acids designed to stimulate natural production of growth hormone.

There are no HGH side effects

Unlike synthetic HGH, an HGH releaser contains no growth hormone. Instead, it’s formulated to encourage the pituitary gland to release growth hormone naturally, for similar benefits of more intrusive HGH injections, but with milder results and without the reported side effects.

The HGH releaser has received substantial media attention in recent years as an anti-aging supplement. And yet, with the influence of growth hormone on muscle development, a natural growth hormone supplement may have applications for all men looking to build muscle naturally, but without the dangers of synthetic HGH and those nasty steroids.

An HGH releaser may help with muscle growth and offer more energy. But to benefit the most from such a product, it’s advisable to choose an HGH releaser with the right dosage for muscle growth and energy, yet within safe and acceptable levels.

To that end, and if this interests you, look for an HGH releaser formulated specifically for muscle growth. Ideally it should consist of an oral supplement and a spray with Alpha-GPC. The product should be taken twice a day, once in the morning and again at night, to maximize your circadian rhythm and natural, exercise-induced growth hormone release.

With this in mind, you might consider HyperGH 14x, which in addition to having the above prerequisites, comes with enteric coating, which maximizes absorption and delivers the most ingredients to the small intestine where they’re processed and used for the greatest benefit. HGH s

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side effects


Can I experience HGH side effects?

There are no customer-reported side effects associated with use of HyperGH 14x™.

However, like any nutritional supplement or health product, we can’t guarantee HyperGH 14x™ will be safe for you. After all, we don’t know your medical history, your current state of health, allergies, etc. You should always check with a doctor no matter what kind of supplement you want to take.

What we CAN tell you, though, is that thousands of people are already successfully taking the HyperGH 14x™ formulation and are very satisfied with the results.

Plus, we’ve gone far above and beyond the call of duty and chosen a cGMP manufacturer that produces numerous brand-name supplements and vitamins for major national pharmacies.

We’re cGMP compliant! All of our raw materials are tested for purity prior to production. We’ll happily show you our Certificates of Analysis for any of our ingredients to prove their freshness, safety, and potency. (Just ask!) And every box of HyperGH 14x™ is carefully marked with a lot number and expiry date… proof that we take your safety and our reputation very seriously!

As you can imagine, our high standards for quality eat into our profit margins. But your safety and results are our #1 priority. Ethically, we simply can’t imagine running our business any other way!

Where to buy HGH which is safe?

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Instead of HG injections the best to choose HyperGH 14x oral supplement and an oral spray with Alpha-GPC HGH side effects

 HGH side effects? Where to buy HGH which is safe?
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Infrared Saunas is a natural ways to lower blood pressure

Two Person Sauna by SeaMax (2 person sauna)
Two Person Sauna by SeaMax

The infrared sauna is a dry heat sauna, as opposed to a steam sauna.

Infrared saunas help the body to eliminate toxins by sweating them out of your system.

The infrared sauna lower both systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

Only Sunlighten saunas are backed by clinical research that shows a reduction in systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Both are key factors in maintaining a healthy heart.


As part of a blood pressure therapy program, regular use of a Sunlighten infrared sauna is good for your heart! In the U.S. alone, one in three adults suffers from heart disease, stroke or some other form of cardiovascular disease in their lifetime.

High blood pressure increases your risk of getting heart disease, kidney disease or serious stroke.

The infrared sauna lower both systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

Saunas have been around for thousands of years, and studies have shown that sweating cleans out the body, strengthens the immune system, provides relaxation and improves health. Infrared sauna is a natural ways to lower blood pressure.

A Japanese study published in the October 2008 issue of The Journal of Cardiology examined the clinical effectiveness and safety of infrared blood pressure therapy, as compared to standard therapies for patients with chronic heart failure.

The report concluded that far-infrared sauna therapy is both safe and effective at improving clinical symptoms and cardiac function as well as decreasing cardiac size in chronic heart failure patients.


Two Person Sauna by SeaMax
Two Person Sauna by SeaMax

Repeated infrared sauna treatments improved impaired blood vessel functions in patients with high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol. This suggests a preventive role for infrared sauna use for arteriosclerosis.

In a 2005 clinical study by the University of Missouri Kansas City, Sunlighten’s Solocarbon heaters were shown to lower blood pressure through a program of 30 minute infrared sauna session 3 times per week. The study concluded that Sunlighten infrared sauna therapy dilated blood vessels and reduced the volume of their inner lining, thus increasing circulation to promote healthy blood pressure.

Two Person Sauna by SeaMax (2 person sauna) Two Person Sauna by SeaMax (2 person sauna)RELAX, REJUVENATE AND DETOXIFY WITH FAR INFRARED SAUNA. For centuries people have recognized the cleansing and purifying value of heat and sweat therapies. With the SeaMax far infrared sauna, you can melt away your body’s toxins in the comfort, cleanliness and privacy of your home.