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Graviola cancer fighter

Graviola Sour Sop is a cancer killer, cures cancer.

10,000 times Stronger Than Chemotherapy?

The magic fruit is knows all over the Word, but it has different names. In Brazil, they call it Graviola, in Spain they call it Guanabana, Soursop in English, Sirsak in Indonesia and Durian in Malaysia.

Among the best anticancer drugs, like   ganoderma

Graviola has anti-cancer advantages as it is able to limit the origin of adenosine triphosphate furthermore known as (ATP) to cancer cells.

graviola cancer cure natural cure

graviola cancer cure

Graviola cure to cancer –  sour sop cancer treatment

Analysts began to look at the chance of the bioactive compounds throughout graviola leaves, stems as well as plant seeds, introduced to as annonaceous acetogenins.

These types of acetogenins have the symptom of powerful anti-tumor as well as anti-cancer features. Some test-tube methodical studies have came to the result that graviola compounds may perhaps have the ability to put emphasis on and eradicate cancer cells, even drug tolerant cancer cells, without the need of having distressing healthier cells. These varieties of consequences, dispersed by means of supplemental remedy and on the world wide web, have formulated important happiness along with a volume of excitement.

Fight cancer with Graviola

Fight cancer with Graviola anticancer drug  

According to UK cancer research :” In laboratory studies, graviola extracts can kill some types of liver and breast cancer cells that are resistant to particular chemotherapy drugs”, but they not support the use of graviola to treat cancer.

So what is the trought about Graviola? Can graviola cure cancer?

The sour sop graviola extract can be utilized medicinally.

Graviola, with the unusual nickname “sour sop,” stops cancer tumor cells from growing in pancreatic cancer.

The new study, performed by a cancer research team at the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, shows that graviola kills pancreatic cancer cells by inhibiting cellular metabolism. This cancer tumor-fighting ability has been confirmed both in test tubes and in live subjects.

The sour sop plant has struck the holistic marketplace and quite a few cancer afflicted individuals happen to be acquiring it.

Is  graviola cancer medicine?

Graviola sour sop is effective for all types of cancer


Graviola cancer cure is a real help for us. graviola cancer

Why people suggest “fight cancer with Graviola anticancer drug”?

Well, it has been a long time since Graviola was discovered as an anticancer drug. We are all aware of that Graviola is not only used as an anticancer drug. Graviola soursop is used as an overal treatment.

Not only the fruit but also the leaves, stem, bark, roots, and seeds, have a long history of medicinal use in the Americas. Graviola is used as a natural remedy for

  • fight cancer
  • infections
  • fever
  • digestive problems
  • high blood pressure

Researchers have documented many other traditional uses among the indigenous people of the Andes, the Amazon and the Caribbean


Why Graviola has an anti-cancer potency?

Graviola Soursop has proven to destroy cancer cells, but toxicity and deficiency must be addressed to ensure your cancer does not return.

Among the anticancer drugs Graviola’s purported anti-cancer potency comes largely from its ability to reduce the supply of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) to cancer cells. ATP often provides metabolic energy to healthy cells as well, and some nutritional supplements, notably Coenzyme Q10, are known for increasing ATP.

For this reason, CoQ10 may neutralize the effect of graviola anticancer drug and they should not be taken together [source: Taylor]. graviola cancer

What is the trought about Graviola? Can graviola cure cancer?

Cancer cells have a consistently higher level of cellular activity.

The acetogenins in the Graviola plant can distinguish cancerous cells from healthy cells, and these acetogenins in the graviola anticancer drug recognize and selectively inhibit the cancer cells. 

Die from cancer or get a  Parkinson’s Disease

When it comes to the question “Die from cancer or get a  Parkinson’s Disease.” What would you choose?

The most detrimental effect attributed to graviola anticancer drug is that it “may cause neural dysfunction and degeneration leading to symptoms reminiscent of Parkinson’s Disease” [source: Memorial Sloan-Kettering]. French researchers found an abnormally high presence of atypical Parkinson’s amongst a poor population that used graviola fruit for both food and medicine.

In the book,”The Healing Power of Rainforest Herbs,” botanist Leslie Taylor acknowledges that graviola seeds and roots contain alkaloids that have shown neurotoxic effects in tests. For this reason, she recommends using the leaves instead.

The best in anticancer drugs:

One study claimed that graviola anticancer drug was 10,000 times more effective in cancer treatment than the well-known chemotherapy drug Adriamycin, and this dubious assertion has found its way to numerous promotional sites [source:]. graviola cancer

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