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Foods for Clear Skin and get rid of facial hear 0

Foods for Clear Skin

kwas hialuronowy

There are various types of foods that contribute in making us looking fairer and have beautiful skin. 

Young looking skin without surgery, without invasive procedures, without harmful chemicals. 
One is we should always drink lots of water to hydrate our skin cells and here are other foods we can eat for a healthier and youthful skin.

Most people think that applying lotions and creams can help them have a natural fine, fresh and young-looking skin. But its not true mainly its what we take that affects the complexion and type of our skin.

1. Salmon for Clear Skin

Salmon is a great source of omega 3 fatty acids. A good source of protein which contains low unhealthy fats and sodium, i can be eaten raw like sushi or cooked. This fish that was born in fresh water then migrate to the ocean when they are big enough then return to fresh water to lay eggs, and so the cycle goes on.

2. Dark Green Vegetables for Reducing wrinkles

The greener the better.
 All color-type of vegetable daily because they are rich in antioxidants. They have lots of vitamins including E and D which are main vitamins for our skin cells production and renewal. Insufficient supply of vegetables in our body also decrease the vitamins E and D thus making our skin look older and dry and sometimes pale. Some of the vegetables with high content of vitamins are broccoli, bitter gourd, cauliflower, kale, spinach, soy beans and etc.

3. Nuts and Seeds for Clear Skin

This is contradictory to what other people say that nuts like peanuts can cause pimples, but its a misinformation. Nuts produce essential fatty acids just like seeds, its either omega 6 or omega 3 fatty acids that helps our skin produce oils to make it moisturize especially for dry skin. Not only for our skin but in different parts of the body, these essential fatty acids are so-called amino acids helps our body to prevent different kinds of illnesses like heart ailment any cardiovascular system-related diseases.

4. Berries for Clear Skin

The family of berries are considered very healthy and antioxidants, doctors said the darker the color the better for our health. These can be blueberries, strawberries, and cranberries are very high in nutrients that can reduce the risk of cancer and can increase our immune system plus a great benefit for our skin cause it also contains an anti-aging substance that helps regulate the flow of our blood throughout the body.

5. Citrus Fruits for Clear Skin

Vitamin C, number one vitamins that makes our skin white and makes our skin heals fast whenever we had some bruise or wounds. Vitamin C  helps our immune system boost our bodies natural defenses against diseases and viruses. Its also adequate in the production in collagen, a part of our body or skin cells that makes it flexible and increase the reproduction of new skin cells. Vitamin C makes our skin glow!

kwas hialuronowy