Take Care of Yourself

Ways to Take Care of Yourself

Take Care of Yourself

“And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.”

– Abraham Lincoln

Take Care of Yourself
Take Care of Yourself

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Take care of yourself!


Improve your health and fitness.

Go to gym! Take time to assess your own health and fitness habits. Take care of yourself so that you are healthy, alert, and attentive to be your best every single day.

Your greatest resource is not time. It is YOU!

You need regular exercises, proper nutrition, and adequate sleep. 

Follow through with your yearly medical check-ups and keep a watchful eye on your blood pressure and cholesterol levels… and don’t forget to schedule your yearly mammogram or prostate screening. 


2. Take Care of Yourself, Manage your stress.

Take note of those people and situations that cause you the most stress. When you know why you are stressed and what is causing your stress then you can determine what to do about your stress and how you can better manage it.

Remember, you cannot generally change people or situations… so in terms of managing your coaching stress… any changes will need to come from you.

For example, you might change the amount of time you spend around specific people, how much you allow yourself to engage them in conversation, or how you respond to them. Managing your stress might also include eating healthier, exercising more, getting more sleep, or delegating specific coaching responsibilities to other staff members.

Effects of stress on the body - dealing with stress
Effects of stress on the body – dealing with stress

Yes, you must change. You will have to change how you think about your athletes, other coaches, the administration, the media, wins and losses, as well as the many coaching situations that cause you stress and anxiety. Your stresses are cumulative (stress builds with each stressful interaction and event) and your “coach stresses” need your direct and immediate attention to be properly managed. Determine what changes are needed to reduce or eliminate your stresses… and begin managing your stress today.

3. Work harder and smarter.

Be focused, prepared. Ask the right questions to get proper feedbacks. Set a reasonable deadlines and meet them. Be organized, and committed. Work smarter than everyone else. You have to work out what works best for you when you are trying to save precious time to become more productive.

Yes, “set the standard” but remember you get to pick “how” you do it. You pick your attitude, passion, work ethic, response to mistakes, leadership, and team climate. You pick what is modeled, expected, reinforced, and rewarded. In short, you pick the standard by which everything and everyone is held accountable. Think before you speak, respond, act, or do. Set the standard but be smart about what you are doing and how you go about completing the task.

4. Less is more.

Get rid of everything that is not helping you to improve.  The saying, “less is more” is often very true.

Don’t waste time, energy, or coaching opportunities by doing things that don’t work and don’t matter. Throw out what needs thrown out. Change or transform coaching practices, rules, roles, or expectations. Maybe a role needs changed or a strategy transformed. Maybe a practice needs reorganized or expectations made clear.

Get rid of the “stuff” that no longer works. Get rid of unneeded drills and old ways of doing things. Keep doing what is working. Be consistent in how you manage yourself, your stress, and the standards you have set. Be consistent with who you are, how you act and respond, and what others can expect from you.

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