5-Minute total body workout Video with 5 exercises

5-Minute total body workout

5-Minute total body Workout

5-Minute total body Workout

5-Minute total body workout Video

Are you’re looking for a quick workout while travelling, at home or just because you’re in a pinch?

This short 5-Minute total body workout will make you stronger, healthier and will Sculpt You all over.

In the following video, you’ll find 5  moves that can be completed in 5 minutes. Each workout was designed so that any person of any fitness level could get in a great workout just about anywhere.

This total body workout provides a maximum caloric burn while building strength and endurance. Best of all, it only takes only 5 minutes to complete! You will need a good pair of dumbbells (or adjustable ones).

5-Minute total body workout

This is the best body workout!

Here are the 5 moves for your 5-Minute total body workout in the video:

1. Track Start Deadlift
2. Goblet Squat
3. Chest Press with Legs Raised
4. Spiderman Lunge
5. Squat Walks


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 This 5-Minute total body workout focuses on high intensity and compound exercises.

Do it every day! You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish in only 5 minutes per day.

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